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We're the Greys and the Seahorse Guest House is both our home and our business. The seeds were sown for this family adventure at the beginning of 2011 when we started to welcome paying guests into our home in Surrey. It was great fun working together as a team and we really enjoyed taking care of our guests, who very kindly gave some fabulous feedback on our hospitality.

Buying a 14 bedroomed guest house was a big decision but a hugely exciting one. Having travelled extensively in the UK - both as a family and for work - we know exactly what's important to us when staying away from home but everyone is different and so we want to deliver the type of stay that each of our guests is looking for - whatever that might be.


First, we put our own stamp on the guest house by changing its name. We wanted something relevant to the local area but which also portrayed the values that are important to us as a family. We knew from our research that Great Yarmouth is Nelson country and we wanted to use that link.

A little more research revealed that a very young Nelson was enthralled with the idea of going to sea and wrote to his uncle, Maurice Suckling, a captain in the Royal Navy, asking to join his ship to start a career in the Navy. Captain Suckling agreed, and Nelson joined the Navy when he was 12 years old under his uncle's patronage.

As the nephew of the captain, Horatio joined his uncle's ship as a future officer or 'midshipman'. He had to learn about navigation, seamanship and how a warship was run before his next posting, on HMS Seahorse, a frigate just about to sail for the East. That was really the start of Nelson's adventure and since this is the start of ours, we decided to honour one of Norfolk's most famous sons by taking the name of the Seahorse for our guest house.

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